Specials Curriculum

Art - Mrs. O'Connor

Mrs. O'Connor teaches art classes for kindergarten through grade 8. She also hosts after school Art Clubs in which students work on various projects including paper maché, painting on canvas, and silk scarf painting. Projects vary with each art club and each session lasts for 5-6 weeks. 


Computer - Mrs. Hughes

Saint Mary of the Hills School is providing opportunities for students to participate and experience different technologies. We are very fortunate to have an array of the latest technological equipment including a computer lab with twenty-four (24) computers running the Windows 10 operating system, SMART Boards, Promethean Boards, Google Chromebooks, iPads, overhead projectors, color printer, LaserJet printers, digital cameras, and other video equipment.

My goal is to accomplish two things during students' time in the computer lab. My first goal is to acquaint the students with computers -- identifying internal and external parts, reviewing how to take care of them and learning to use software applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, Internet, etc. My second goal is to reinforce concepts and skills students are learning in their regular classrooms.

Students work very hard and are very productive in computer class. While working very hard, they are also having fun, which I believe is the key to success. In order for children to gain knowledge, most activities should be hands-on, fun, exciting and enjoyable experiences. The computer along with the different types of educational software programs are some of the motivational tools that assist children in learning and/or reinforcing new concepts in fun and exciting ways.

This year all grade levels will continue working on keyboarding skills and use the computer as an aid for curriculum enrichment.

Music - We don't have music this year due to COVID-19.

Saint Mary of the Hills School offers music lesson through Paul Effman Co. and collaborates in the spring to perform all together as one school band. Lessons for percussion, winds, brass, and strings are offered.

Piano Playtime offers small group piano lessons for all ages! Contact Molly at [email protected] or visit www.pianoplaytime.com for more information.

Physical Education - Mr. Fritz

Physical Education is held once per week and every student has an opportunity to warm up, stretch, run, exercise, and cool down.  Please ensure that your child brings plenty of water of Phys Ed day.