Principal's Updates - 4/30/21

Dear Parents/Guardians:

How in the world is it May 1st tomorrow? In a few short weeks, we will have completed a full year of in-person learning and I couldn't be more proud!

There will be lots of end-of-year projects to prepare like the awesome Wax Museum that 3rd and 4th graders did today. They stood outside at a social distance as parents and staff members listened to their biographies. Once the wind took over we all gathered in the school hall to finish up. The students did outstanding research and they presented so well. Congratulations to them and their hardworking teachers Ms. O'Leary and Ms. Newell.

NWEA/MAPS testing will continue next week and so far the students who have been assessed have shown tremendous growth in the areas of Math, Reading, and Language Arts. Once again, without their dedicated teachers, this growth would not be possible.

On a final note, PLEASE continue to sell your raffle tickets. This is a huge fundraiser for the school and your support is critical. $5000 or a Smart TV are terrific prizes! If you need more tickets please email Beth Eddy at and she will get them to you.

The weekend weather looks like a winner so I hope you can get some time outdoors with your fabulous, hardworking, children

God Bless.

Mrs. Julie Marotta


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