Principal's Updates - 10/16/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope and pray that my newsletter finds you well. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your child/children home when they are sick. This means any illness. It is critical that we maintain the health and wellness of the entire school community. Symptoms do not have to be COVID related to have a negative impact on everyone. If a student becomes ill at school he/she will be removed from the classroom and sent home immediately.

Also, if your child has not already received their Flu vaccine now is the time to set up an appointment through your pediatrician. The Flu shot is mandatory this year and needs to be received by 12/31/2020 in order to continue in person learning.

I've been asked why the windows are open in the school. It is the recommendation that in order to provide good air circulation windows should be opened. This is in addition to the air purifiers that we purchased. I know that the classrooms can seem cold at times therefore I recommend sending in a fleece jacket and/or a sweater. These do not have to be uniform. I want the students to be comfortable and safe at the same time.

God Bless you all and enjoy a wonderful long weekend with your incredible children.

Mrs. Julie Marotta


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