Principal's Updates - 2/7/2020

Dear St. Mary of the Hills Families:

It's so hard to believe that we have only 1 week left before February vacation! Please come in and check the lost and found table in the school hall. I have lunch bags, hats, gloves, jackets, uniforms etc. You may need some of these during vacation.

The Middle School students have been hard at work preparing for next week's midterm exams. They are a little nervous so I'm sure they could use your prayers to ease their stress.

I am interested in getting a price quote to paint the school name on the front of the main building. It is already a light color metal that blends into the brick work. I need it to be navy blue or black so it stands out. If any of you have contacts, then please email me.

With the flu going around please keep your child home if they are feeling under the weather. I want you to know that we are cleaning the ECC building thoroughly each night and the main building is being maintained by Mr. Martinez, and the classroom teachers are constantly wiping desks and doorknobs. We will continue to do our best in getting the students out for fresh air each day, weather permitting.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless,

Mrs. Julie Marotta ~ Principal

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