Principal's Updates - 1/31/2020

Dear St. Mary of the Hills Families:

The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year was 'Catholic Schools: Living in Harmony with God's Creation'. This year's theme asks us to think about how we live our lives. We are all part of God's creation. How we treat others, the world around us and how we look at ourselves, these are the ways we can live in harmony with God's creation.

The week was filled with so many moments. Monday we appreciated our students with extra recess, raffles, and no homework. On Tuesday the PTO appreciated our staff by providing the most amazing luncheon. There were homemade meals, desserts, flowers, gift cards, and time to eat together. This was such a treat for the staff. That afternoon we held our Spelling Bee for Grades 4-8. What terrific spellers we have! Congratulations to our top 3 winners:

1st Place ~ Adric Denis Grade 8

2nd Place ~ Caroline Efstathiou Grade 6

3rd Place ~ Isabella Rwakabuba Grade 7

Thank you to all who donated to our 2 service initiatives. So many breakfast items were collected and will be delivered to the Milton Food Pantry tomorrow morning. I was blown away by the amount of diapers and pull ups that were donated for the "No Child Wet Behind" Dodgeball Tournament. These will be delivered to a local woman's shelter. In addition to helping those less fortunate the students loved the fierce competition!

The week ended with a beautiful celebration at St Mary of the Hills Church. The Student Council students led us as we celebrated the importance of a Catholic education. At the conclusion of Mass the following students received the St. Francis Award:

Kindergarten~Samantha Georges

Grade 1~Benjamin Dessources

Grade 2~Deon Firmin

Grade 3~Maxwell Cadet

Grade 4~Catherine Cole

Grade5~Sanaii Lyons

Grade 6A~Tonte Ojuka

Grade 6B~Matthew Lashley

Grade 7A~DeAngele Meme

Grade 7B~Noah Mulligan

Grade 8~Santana Gabriel

As some of you know we had a medical emergency at the Early Childhood Center on Wednesday. The student is doing much better and I want you to know that I cannot discuss the situation in great detail but know that this emergency did not have anything to do with the Flu or the Coronavirus. I assure you if we ever have a situation were there is an infectious or contagious disease on either campus everyone will be notified.

Thank you for allowing my teachers and I to participate in Professional Development on Cultural and Linguistically Responsive Teaching. Part 2 of this important training will be held on Friday March 27th. Therefore, I will be scheduling an additional 1/2 day. After school will be available.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend with your children. Happy February!

God Bless,

Mrs. Julie Marotta ~ Principal

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