Principal's Updates - 10/4/19

Dear Families,

We had an amazing week here at St Mary's. Teachers are working very hard to provide your child with the best possible education. I have been in every classroom this week and have seen lessons rich in rigor, students engaged, students collaborating together, and conferencing with their teachers on writing and reading assignments.

On Wednesday night I attended the 1st PTO meeting. It was very well attended and those there have such enthusiasm. I am grateful to all of you who want to work along side me to make our school even better. Fundraising efforts of last year have allowed me to make improvements in the facility and I will continue to do more as the year progresses.

I thank you all for your efforts in getting to school on time every day. I know that some of you have long commutes and the traffic can be a nightmare. It makes such a difference for your child when they are able to begin their day in prayer and not feel rushed.

Thank you to Mrs. Banach and the 7th graders for the beautiful mass today! Such a nice way to end the week.

Please enjoy the weekend with your beautiful families!

God Bless,

Mrs. Julie Marotta ~ Principal

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