Service Project Updates - 4/23/19

St. Mary of the Hills School's Conservation Club is the epitomy of service to our world! Thank you for helping us to preserve and protect our planet! Every little bit counts, and you are helping us all make better choices for future generations!!!

Conservation Club wanted to put in a plug about a few simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet:

1) the makeup eraser!! Makes a GREAT gift and I bought mine over the summer. It literally takes off all makeup with JUST WATER! Handwash with detergent in the sink and it’s 100% clean. Stop buying wipes! This is so much better and I love it!

2) who gives a crap. It is a toilet paper company that makes tp from recycled paper. It is three-ply people! I have tried three other companies of recycled tp and this is by far the best! And half the profits go to providing toilets in places with poor sanitation. Also sells tissues and paper towels

3) biodegradable poop bags for the pets! I bought this super-size pack August 2017 and I’m still going through it. Good for cats and dogs! Feel better about throwing out bags!…

4) the method company. They are a certified cradle to cradle company. Most things are what we call cradle to grave- they have one life. All of methods product packaging are 100% recyclable and made out of 100% recycled plastic. Their products are made without harsh chemicals. I’ve been using it since 2014 exclusively and I love it! Available at Target.

These are four simple ways to reduce your everyday impact on our planet!


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