Principal's Update - 3/1/19

Dear Families,

This was a very busy week here at our great school. Students got right back into their routines after February vacation. Many of them worked on their academics in their free time. I challenged the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to work on Language Arts through a program that we were trialing. The student in each grade who did the most would be recognized by me.

On Thursday Riley Genega, Tiana Egwim, and Annabelle Frederique and I enjoyed lunch together and talked about the software they used and learned a lot more about each other.

Congratulations to our Girls and Boys CYO basketball teams for a great season. Well done and great coaching Mr. A and Mr. Tyrrell!

I do need to talk to you all about an alarming new tactic that has happened online. Students can be very innocently using an age appropriate app when feeds are presented to them with inappropriate content. Some of this content is so disturbing that students are reporting to us that they cause them to have nightmares. At assembly yesterday I told the students to be aware of the dangers of the Internet and that they need to protect themselves from harm. They were advised to let their parents and guardians know if this ever happens to them. As always we have protections in place on our network and encourage families to do the same.

This week on Fox News there was a report of the negative impact that the popular video game Fortnite is having on our young people. I was unable to attach it here but if you visit you can watch it there.

We ended our school week with a school mass led by Grade 1. What a wonderful job they did. They were so reverent and inspired us all. Thank you to all the students, their teachers, Mrs. Cronin and Miss O'Leary, and Mrs. Vasta for preparing so well and making us all proud!

Please be safe this weekend during the impending storm. In the event of a snow cancellation please watch for Milton Public Schools. If they are closed so are we.

Enjoy the weekend with your beautiful children and thank you for sharing them with us! Together we can do great things!

God Bless,

Mrs. Julie Marotta


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