Service Project Updates - 10/30/18

The students at St. Mary of the Hills School have been working hard on story elements in literature class. To reinforce the elements learned, the literacy coach read the students in grades two through five the book, Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. This heartwarming story explains how Patricia’s grandmother helped her overcome her fear of thunder by gathering ingredients and baking a “thunder cake” during a thunder and lightning storm. The students loved the story and could use the concepts in the story to practice story elements together as a class. The teachers then passed out the recipe for “thunder cake” to the students to try at home.

Over the weekend five teachers baked “thunder cakes” and brought them to school on Monday. We gathered all the students from grades two through five in the lunchroom and to their surprise, the teachers came in carrying the five cakes to serve to the students. There was cheers and tears of joy from our students when they saw the cakes. The teachers then served the cake to the students and they were gobbled up with delight. The theme of “service” was demonstrated to the students by their dedicated teachers.


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