Service Project Updates - 9/20/18

To help kickoff our Service Theme this year, the students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a beautiful presentation by Sophia (Mrs. Vasta’s niece) yesterday. She had the day off and agreed to come and share her experiences with service trips that she went on abroad to Haiti and Guatemala and charities that she organized since she was a very young girl.

When Sophia was just 7-years-old she was very inspired to help others when she heard stories from her Aunty Pam about refugees in the Congo who had to leave their home and all of their belongings because of violence going on in their country. She learned about the millions of children in orphanages who didn’t have access to clean water, had only one meal per day, and weren’t able to go to school. Sophia wondered how could this be happening in the world. She thought that this was so sad, but it made her want to do something about it. So she started her first charity called "Hope For All". She started making Hair Bows and selling them to kids in her neighborhood and a few local stores. The money she raised went to the different orphanages to help buy kids food and to help sponsor girls to go to school.

Sophia wrote and performed a song called “Purpose,” and it’s about that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you know you want to do something good in the world, but you’re not quite sure what.

Then as she got older, she changed the way that she was fundraising. She started decorating seashells that she found on the beach in Cape Cod and she sold them at different stores on the Cape. Then she realized that she loved singing and playing the guitar. Then she learned about street performing so she started street performing with her dad when she was little and now she’s out there singing alone. She puts a bucket out with a sign saying that all money goes (depending on the project that she’s working on, example: helping girls in the Congo go to school) toward a specific charity. People are really nice and donate toward her causes. She’s also creating a website to harness the Internet in helping to raise more funds for causes that are important to her. Some of the things that Sophia has been able to do with the help of her charity has been to help kids in an orphanage in the Congo get access to clean water because the kids had been getting really, really sick because they didn’t have access to clean water and there were a lot of diseases. So she raised money to buy filters for that orphanage. Her next charity was kids who were refugees living in Jordan because they had to leave their homes in Syria because of the civil war there. Sophia was able to send them toothbrushes because they had to leave all of their belongings behind to go somewhere safe. Even something as small as a toothbrush can be good. One of her favorite charities has been being able to help sponsor girls to go to school.


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