Principal's Update - 4/6/18

Dear Families,

As I am writing this to you I am looking out at the newly fallen snow. Being National Poetry Month it inspired me to research a poem about this fickle weather. It's by Ilene Bauer. Enjoy.

Crazy Snow

This morning there was crazy snow And Spring was someplace hiding, But now the sun is out as though Ma Nature is deciding. Just make your mind up! Do we freeze Or get the t-shirts ready? This back and forth stuff does not please; I'm shivering or sweaty. When plans are canceled in a storm It leaves us in a pickle. They're saying Wednesday will be warm - If Spring stops being fickle!

This past week I had the pleasure of inducting 10 Middle School students into the national Junior Honor Society. This is a tremendous accomplishment. Not only are these students academically strong but they also have great character, perform service, and are leaders.

Congratulations to 2 of our students. Maya in Grade 5 came in 4th place out of 100 in her swimming competition. I am pretty sure we have a future Olympian at St Mary's. Destiny in Grade 4 was selected to speak at City Hall Plaza in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am very proud of them!

This week I had the opportunity to see so many great lessons. The teachers work tirelessly to create unique and innovative lessons to your students. They are engaged and being pushed to achieve so much on a daily basis. The Middle School students are working hard on their Science Fair projects, 6th graders are preparing for their annual Poetry Jam, students are growing in their reading levels, and improving their math skills.

Please help spread the word about our wonderful school and please look out for tomorrow's email regarding our newly appointed Pastor!

Now I'm off to see "Into the Woods". Enjoy your weekend and your beautiful families!

Mrs. Julie Marotta


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