Principal's Update - 3/9/18

Dear Families,

The unannounced lockdown went well this past week. I really believe that it is important to reassure the students that we are prepared to do our very best to protect them in case of an emergency. As I walked around to debrief with the students I answered lots of questions. We talked about what lockdown drills were for and events that would warrant this type of response. I was very proud of how mature they were.

On the topic of safety, I need to have you help me. The school entrances have very heavy metal doors. Often they do not close tightly. The teachers and students know enough to pull or push the doors when they enter or exit. I would appreciate you doing this as well when you come in to volunteer or visit. Mr. Martinez and I make hourly rounds to ensure the doors are shut tight.

Thanks to a grant from the Catholic Schools Foundation and Arbella Insurance I was able to accompany my beautiful 4th graders and their teachers to the Boston Symphony on March 7th. We had such a wonderful time. The students were such a great audience and they looked so handsome and beautiful in their Sunday best. Ii hope this trip inspires them to continue or pursue playing a musical instrument.

I attended a productive PTO meeting this morning. There are some wonderful events coming up that are sure to be loads of fun! The Sweetheart Dance is on March 18th from 5-7pm at the school hall. Also, save the date for our annual Gala. It will be on May 19th also in the school hall. At this event I want to celebrate the 60th year of St Mary of the Hills School. More information to follow soon.

I hope that your children have been sharing all of the wonderful things they are learning every day. I am so impressed with the quality of writing, the growth in reading, debates, projects, experiments, solving math problems, measuring the world around them and much more. All of this in combination with fine arts, sports, and clubs.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us. As always, I hope that you all have a safe and restful weekend filled with lots of family time.

Mrs. Julie Marotta


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