SMH Celebrates Grandparents/Veterans Day!

On Thursday, November 10th, St. Mary of the Hills School celebrated the annual Grandparents Day Celebration which honors our Veterans in preparation for Veterans Day. Grandparents were invited to join families for coffee before a musical presentation from each grade. Students sang of their love for grandparents and appreciation of America's Veterans. This year's keynote speaker was Retired Marine Corps Veteran, Colonel William F. Sinnott of Hyde Park. Colonel Sinnott has been a part of the St. Mary's community for 25 years as his four daughter attended the school, one of which now works there. Colonel Sinnott gave a touching and inspirational speech about the importance of grandparents in the students' lives which led into his main topic about what it means to be a Veteran. Sinnott's inspirational words resonated with students, who immediately brainstormed ways they could contribute to the local Veteran's Shelters. Last week, the Junior National Honor society collected leftover Halloween candy donations from students to donate to the troops through Operation Gratitude. Student's hope to ignite new initiatives to give back to our Veterans. With many present grandparents having served in the military, St. Mary's took the opportunity to recognize these family Veterans with a musical tribute in which each service member was asked to stand when their represented hymn was played. This moving display of appreciation was heartfelt as each grandparent or family member was thanked with applause from the community. Chris Geer, grandfather of 4th grade student Andre Moore, e-mailed Principal Marotta after the event to share his praises of the event. “I have live in this town since 1987. This is the second time that I have be at your school. I thoroughly enjoyed what you did today. You guys do it right! This is best practices. Thank you!” St. Mary of the Hills School hopes similar sentiments resonated with all family member who attended the Grandparents/Veterans Day Celebration!

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