St. Mary of the Hills School Names New Principal - Press Release

Julie Marotta

St. Mary of the Hills School in Milton (Grades preschool through 8) is pleased to announce that Julie Marotta has been named principal effective July 1, 2016. Mrs. Marotta, who is currently a teacher at the school, was chosen for her considerable professional and business skills, especially in the areas of science, mathematics and technology, and her commitment to the school’s mission. Mrs. Marotta began her career at Verizon and later used her engineering background to launch a telecommunications consulting business. After a successful career in consulting, she felt called to share her knowledge and love of mathematics with children. Mrs. Marotta received a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Bridgewater State University and has held positions in both public and parochial school systems. With her unique skill set, Mrs. Marotta has piloted technology initiatives in the Milton Public schools providing students with amazing opportunities. These include Smartboard training, Lucy Calkins Reader's/Writer's Workshop, and using Apple TV and Doceri App to utilize IPADS remotely for teacher instruction, as well as student projects. At St. Mary of the Hills School, Mrs. Marotta completed KHAN Academy training in California, funded by the Lynch Foundation. Faculty and staff at St. Mary’s anticipate similar innovations for their school children. At St. Mary of the Hills School, Ms. Marotta has served as an academic advisor and most recently as a teacher of Grade 5 and 6 Mathematics and Religion. This past year, she was awarded the Barnes and Noble coveted “My Favorite Teacher” award. She was nominated by 6th grade Milton student, Abigail Raymond. Julie and her husband Bob Marotta live in Milton. Mrs. Marotta is the product of 16 years of Catholic education, a tradition she carried on with her own family. Her three sons attended St. Mary of the Hills School. Mrs. Marotta is a member and Co-President of the Sharon Community Band and has served on their board for several years. Given her skill set, strong faith, and demonstrated commitment to Catholic education, Mrs. Marotta is well-positioned to lead the St. Mary of the Hills School community into the future.

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