ECC News from the Hill - 5/13/22


A few reminders:

  • Please make sure your child is in proper uniform everyday. We have been noticing a lot of children coming to school in colorful leggings and undershirts which are not uniform appropriate. If for some reason you do not have uniforms, pants and shirts must be a solid navy blue. If a long sleeve shirt is worn under a short sleeve uniform shirt, the undershirt must be a solid white, black, or blue (no prints). Sneakers and closed toe and covered back shoes are acceptable (ex. no sandals or CROCS, but Natives are ok). Sneakers are preferred.
  • Remember to send in your recipe for our center wide cook book.
  • Field day is right around the corner, let Ms. Hulme know if you are available to volunteer
  • Art Show will be held in the cafeteria June 1st, more details to come.

Happy Birthday To:

Kay EL2 5/9

Carrie PS4 5/9

Leigh PS2 5/15

Leo PS1 5/19

Neftali PS4 5/21

Ms. Gabriel PS4 5/27

Upcoming Events:

May 27th- Field Day

May 30th- NO SCHOOL

June 1st- Art Show

June 15/16- Graduation

June 17th- Last day of school HALF DAY

Early Learners

Both EL classrooms have been very busy exploring and learning all about caterpillars and their life cycles. The children even get to watch caterpillars grow in their classrooms and have been making daily observations about how they move, what they look like, and how they're changing. Here are just a few of their observations from the past week... "They're hanging upside down (Mia),"There's some black thing over there and it's part of their bodies (Gabrielle)," "I see another one moving (Kay)", "that ones sleeping on the bottom (Finley)", "it's looking like a circle (Adele)," "they have spikes on them (Maya)," and "there's 3 on the top and one right there (Declan)." EL 1 and EL 2 are also working on a cooperative nature mural! They created a tree, textured grass, branches, and leaves using all different materials and tools. Now they are working on creating each step of the caterpillars life cycle to put on it. Some friends made caterpillar eggs using clay, others built their own caterpillars using different materials such as beads and pom poms. Math and fine motor skills have also been incorporated by creating a bar graph of bugs we like, counting and sorting bugs, building and writing our names on caterpillars, and playing memory.


The end of the year is fast approaching and the preschoolers have been busier than ever. V week was full of hands on exploration and discovery. The children were able to learn about cause and effect while watching the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar as the "volcano" erupted during our class experiment.  Our Lynch unit this month is focusing on shadows and reflection which has opened the door to lots of fun activities. The children had a great time finding their reflections in puddles, playing shadow tag and using light to create large shadows on the wall. The children even had their shadows traced to create the fun game, "Guess you Child's Shadow!" W week brought fun activities such as sink or float, waffle making, and "Where does the Letter Belong?" With May comes the nice weather and the preschoolers have enjoyed extra time outdoors.  In addition to the beautiful celebration of crowning Mary, we have been able to bring our learning outdoors. All four preschool rooms worked together to collect flowers, leaves twigs and more to create a beautiful environmental masterpiece. Have a wonder weekend and enjoy the nice weather!


The Pre-k classrooms have been very busy working on some special projects for the upcoming art show. They have been putting a lot of effort into both their personal and group projects in hopes of raising money for a new school playground. They had also been practicing for the May procession which was a huge success and are now beginning to practice for graduation. As you might recall, back in March each classroom adopted a tree. They have since been regularly checking on the tree, and are each working on their own observational book about it. They made a cover page, completed an informational page, made bark rubbings, and have drawn pictures of each of the changes that they have observed so far. Their math and reading skills continue to flourish and some of them have even started reading books to the class!

*******If you arrive to school after 9:00am please bring your child to the main office. There are way too many children coming to the door after 9:00am. We will then be called to come and retrieve any late students.*********

School News

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