ECC News from the Hill - 4/14/22


Happy Easter from the ECC!!!

We had such a fun week coloring eggs, and enjoying a egg hunt!

Hope you all have a Happy Easter and a great vacation!

A few reminders:

*No one should be pulling into the school parking lot during school hours.

*Upon arrival the children should line up at their designated star and wait for the teachers to come out to greet you. Please do not let your child run around with the other children while you wait. There are a lot more children this year and we want to keep everyone safe.

*******If you arrive to school after 9:00am please bring your child to the main office. There are way too many children coming to the door after 9:00am. We will then be called to come and retrieve any late students.*********

Happy Birthday To:

Ella PS4 4/5

Cameron PK1 4/8

Chloe PK4 4/8

Thomas EL2 4/9

Mia EL2 4/18

Neftali PS4 4/21

Meagan PS3 4/25

Harvey PK2 4/26

Upcoming Events:

April 15th- Good Friday NO SCHOOL

April 18-22 April Vacation NO SCHOOL

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