ECC News from the Hill - 12/10/21


Here are just a few items we can ALWAYS use:

Lysol Wipes

Storage Freezer Bags

Laminating Sheets

Paper Towels


Baby wipes

Powder-Free Disposable Gloves(Nitrile)

Kids Masks (size small 2yr-5yr)

Small cups

Paper plates/bowls

Hand soap

Any donations are always appreciated.

Early Learners

The last couple weeks in the Early Learners class have been busy busy! We listened to the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas and talked about how the Grinch's heart grows big in the end. This year we have our very own Mr. Grinch visiting our classroom and are trying to help his heart grow bigger by Christmas! We brainstormed ways to fill our  jar. Each time the children do something kind they get to add a pom pom to the jar. Once it's full, then the Grinch's heart is too and that means we have earned a special Christmas surprise!  

We also created a Gingerbread Village in the hallway, a Christmas tree and a countdown to Christmas break Santa by adding cotton balls to his beard.


Our St. Mary’s preschool has been a very busy place to be lately! Our children have been working on the letters I and J, as well as doing all sorts of activities for Christmas. The teachers are pretty sure that the favorite activity from last week was making real vanilla Ice cream, and some of the children even thought it was better than the ice cream from stores! Classrooms worked on J activities like jellyfish, jellybeans, jumping, and of course, talked about Baby Jesus and his upcoming birthday. We can’t give away too much info about Christmas (secret work being done by our little elves!). I can say that the kiddos are having a blast decorating the school, making gifts and writing letters to Santa. As always, the kids are learning through play and enjoying their days with their friends. 


The Pre-Kindergarten classes have been very busy as we prepare for Christmas! The children are excitedly counting down the days! They made their own advent wreaths which can be worn on their heads or placed on a mantel or table. They also each completed a special writing activity to hang over their cubbies. First, they used precut shapes to make their own nutcrackers, then filled in the writing prompt. As we get ready to wrap up the wind and water unit, they did an experiment to determine whether certain materials would absorb or repel water. A favorite activity for all was writing personal letters to Santa Claus. They even had the opportunity to “mail” the letters themselves! They have also been practicing for the nativity Christmas pageant and working on a few top secret Christmas projects! Have a wonderful weekend! 

A few reminders:

*No one should be pulling into the school parking lot during school hours.

*Upon arrival the children should line up at their designated star and wait for the teachers to come out to greet you. Please do not let your child run around with the other children while you wait. There are a lot more children this year and we want to keep everyone safe.

*******If you arrive to school after 9:00am please bring your child to the main office. We will then be called to come and retrieve any late students.*********

Happy Birthday To:

Liam PS4 12/3

Elijah PS4 12/5

Fifi EL 12/6

Leila PS4 12/8

Toby PS4 12/11

Mateo PS2 12/15

Evan PK1 12/16

Leila PS1 12/18

Mick PS1 12/21

Declan EL 12/22

Mason PS2 12/27

Christie PK1 12/29

Peter PK2 12/29

Upcoming Events:

12/20- Gingerbread Decorating Party

12/21- EL, PS1,2,3,4 Christmas Concert (Recorded)

12/22- ECC Polar Express/Pajama Day

12/23-1/2- NO SCHOOL Christmas Break

School News

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January 24, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians: Good afternoon. Thank you for all of your kind messages while I was out this week. I assure you that I am feeling so much better and I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning!

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January 18, 2022

Here are just a few items we can ALWAYS use: Lysol Wipes Storage Freezer Bags Laminating Sheets Paper Towels Tissues Baby wipes Powder-Free Disposable Gloves(Nitrile)