ECC News from the Hill - 11/19/21

ECC News from the Hill - 11/19/21


Here are just a few items we can ALWAYS use:

Lysol Wipes

Storage Freezer Bags

Laminating Sheets

Paper Towels


Baby wipes

Powder-Free Disposable Gloves(Nitrile)

Kids Masks (size small 2yr-5yr)

Small cups

Paper plates/bowls

Hand soap

Any donations are always appreciated.

Early Learners

We celebrated our Veterans and Grandparents with our drive thru parade! The children worked hard on our handprint banner and were so excited to show it off. We waved, yelled, cheered, and blew kisses to all our visitors! 

We have been continuing with our Friendship unit by making friendship bracelets, talking about what friends do and creating our own book by making pictures of what we like to do with our friends. We also started to talk about Thanksgiving and what kinds of food we like to eat.


The preschoolers have been very busy learning all about Thanksgiving. After reading the book, Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson, the children proudly shared stories of their good deeds and expressed things they were thankful for. The children have been working very hard on all of their festive projects. They made adorable thankful turkeys, native corn, Thanksgiving placemats, and cute turkey napkin holders. The preschoolers also demonstrated great cooperation and teamwork while making a paper bag turkey as a class pet. To go along with our friendship unit, the children from all four preschool classrooms picked a name out of a bag and "wrote" a letter to that friend. It was really cute watching their excited faces as they mailed their letters to their friends. The preschoolers also worked on shape recognition and focused on strengthening fine motor skills while coloring a picture of a house for H week.


The Pre-K classes continue to study wind and water. Last week they had fun using a hair dryer to produce wind and answer the question “What can air move?” They chose various objects from outside and around the classroom to use in the experiment. They made predictions as they each had a turn to use the hair dryer and then we recorded the results. 

This week the children in Pre-K have been learning all about the first Thanksgiving. They have been very busy working on some special writing projects and art activities for the upcoming holiday. They also made cards for their families and personal placemats to use for Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!!

A few reminders:

*No one should be pulling into the school parking lot during school hours.

*Upon arrival the children should line up at their designated star and wait for the teachers to come out to greet you. Please do not let your child run around with the other children while you wait. There are a lot more children this year and we want to keep everyone safe.

*If you arrive to school after 9:00am please bring your child to the main office. We will then be called to come and retrieve any late students.

Happy Birthday To:

Mrs. Watson PS 1 11/2

Issabella PS1 11/10

Guy PS4 11/11

Christopher PK2 11/16

Francie PK2 11/20

Tan PK1 11/23

Maya EL 11/23

Tristian PK2 11/29

Faith EL 11/29

Ms.B PS1 11/30

Ms. Hulme EL 11/30

Upcoming Events:

11/24-26 NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

11/30- National Day of Giving

School News

News from the Hill - 11/19/21

November 22, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians: "Blessings are strange and wonderful things. They are unpredictable. They can come from both expected and unexpected places, as long as we look for them with open hearts."