ECC News from the Hill - 11/5/21



A few parents have emailed me asking what we need for the ECC, here are just a few items we can ALWAYS use:

Lysol Wipes

Storage Freezer Bags

Laminating Sheets

Paper Towels


Baby wipes

Powder-Free Disposable Gloves(Nitrile)

Kids Masks (size small 2yr-5yr)

Small cups

Paper plates/bowls

Hand soap

Any donations are always appreciated.

Early Learners

Our Halloween Celebration was such fun. All the children looked great in their costumes. Our Parade was a success and the after party was a blast!!!

This week we continued to our Fall theme by talking about things that happen in the Fall and also some of the fun things we like to do. We explored some nature from our leaf hunt, then created a book using the children's own words. After reading The Scarecrow the Early Learners wanted to make their own Scarecrow. We worked together to build our scarecrow by stuffing the clothes with paper and leaves and finding other materials such as buttons, felt, and yarn for the other parts.


This week in preschool we introduced Unit 2 which is all about friendship and worked on the letter F. The children picked names from a bag and then made a friendship necklace for the person they picked! We also read The Little Red Hen (Makes A Pizza) and then made our own pizzas. The children worked together to mix colors and create friendship paintings. Preschool also worked hard sorting different manipulatives into colors.


As we wrap up our unit on “friends” the class worked together to transform our dramatic play area into a grocery store. The book Matthew and Tilly by Rebecca C. Jones was the inspiration for the grocery store. The preschoolers worked together to make price tags for some of the items they want to sell at their store. Some items cost $100, WOW!!! The story also sparked their curiosity about the game of hopscotch. They had so much fun learning how to draw and play the game. They did a great job taking turns and encouraging each other as they played!

A few reminders:

*No one should be pulling into the school parking lot during school hours.

*Upon arrival the children should line up at their designated star and wait for the teachers to come out to greet you. Please do not let your child run around with the other children while you wait. There are a lot more children this year and we want to keep everyone safe.

*If you arrive to school after 9:00am please bring your child to the main office. We will then be called to come and retrieve any late students.

Happy Birthday To:

Mrs. Watson PS 1 11/2

Issabella PS1 11/10

Guy PS4 11/11

Christopher PK2 11/16

Francie PK2 11/20

Tan PK1 11/23

Maya EL 11/23

Tristian PK2 11/29

Faith EL 11/29

Ms.B PS1 11/30

Ms. Hulme EL 11/30

Upcoming Events:

11/10- Veteran's / Grandparent's Day Drive Thru Celebration @10am

11/11- Veteran's Day- NO SCHOOL

11/18- Half Day Parent/teacher conferences- Dismissal 11:40AM

11/24-26 NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

11/30- National Day of Giving

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