ECC News from the Hill - 10/8/21


The last couple weeks we have been busy, busy!! The children are all doing great and really enjoying their time at school.

Here are a few reminders:

*No one should be pulling into the school parking lot during school hours.

*Upon arrival the children should line up at their designated star and wait for the teachers to come out to greet you. Please do not let your child run around with the other children while you wait. There are a lot more children this year and we want to keep everyone safe.

*If you arrive to school after 9:00am please bring your child to the main office. We will then be called to come and retrieve any late students.

The Early Learners finished up their unit on Family by making a graph on how many people in their family. We also completed and hung up our family quilt using the squares you created with your family pictures. This week was all things Apples. The children explored a red delicious apple and made predictions about what was inside and observations about its weight, color, and texture. Then we cut it open and used the magnifying glasses to study the insides including the core and the seeds. We also tried 3 different kinds of apples and voted for our favorite.

The Preschoolers having a blast doing lots of letter of the week activities (we learned about A, B, and C so far), and are continuing our unit on families as well. Some of our favorite activities have been apple tasting, apple painting, sorting beans, learning about primary colors, reading books like “Peter’s Chair”, and of course-making our own bubble solution! The preschoolers have also had lots of fun with the letter C and learning all about fire safety. We “baked cookies” made chef hats, caterpillars and cupcakes. To show our kids how to stay fire safe in school we went for a walk around the school property to look for fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. We also made fire hats and talked about “Stop, drop and roll” and “Stay low and go”. We were a busy bunch for sure! 

The past couple of weeks the children in Pre-K have been enjoying learning about God’s Creation and Noah’s Ark. They have been busy putting together a Creation book of their own to share with their families. They have been practicing writing the letters Bb, Cc, Dd, and the numbers 1, 2, and 3. They have also been working on isolating beginning letter sounds and extending patterns. They are creating a class book about birthday wishes and made cute letter C cows. A favorite activity was experimenting with our new magnet set. The Pre-K group made “letter D” dinosaurs to coincide with the letter of the week.

Happy Birthday To:

Cormac PS3 10/4

Sabastian PK1 10/9

Hudson EL 10/12

Sabastien PK2 10/13

Hallie PS2 10/15

Rylie PK2 10/20

Fallon PK1 10/20

Soleil PK2 10/22

Rachel PS1 10/24

Upcoming Events:

10/15- Dress in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness $1

10/22- Half day dismissal @11:40

10/24- Trunk and Treat Event 3pm-5pm

10/29- Halloween Parade

10/29- Blood Drive 9am-3pm


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