ECC Daily Guidelines

  • School Starts at 8:50 give yourselves a few extra minutes to get ready and arrive at school by 8:45. Your child will be able to come in with his/her class and it will be less stressful for all concerned. If you are late (beyond 9:00am), you must bring your child to the Main school office and wait with your child until a member of the ECC staff if able to get your child from the front office.

  • Arrival: When dropping off, please park on Brook Road and walk up to the ECC building.  No cars are allowed in the  parking lot.  Upon arrival, find your child's class designated star.  The stars are painted on the blacktop.  Early Learners & PS4 star is located at the front door.  Preschool 1, 2, & 3 stars are located at the middle door and PreK 1 & 2 stars are located at the back door.  The teachers/aides will come out to greet you.  Once the teacher/aide is outside, you may leave your child with them.  Inclement weather (extreme cold, rain or snow) the ECC children will be taken right into the building no earlier than 8:40 am.

  • Dismissal: Dismissal is at 2:40 and is the same as drop-off.  Again, we ask you to park on Brook Road and walk up to your child's star.  The teacher will dismiss the children at the same designated classroom door.

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  • Uniforms: St. Mary of the Hills student wear uniforms purchased from Lands’ End either from the catalog or from a Sears store.  ECC children are required to wear twill shorts or sweatpants, T shirts (short or long sleeve) sweatshirts or zip sweater, all of which have the school logo. Velcro sneakers are a must. You will be asked to purchase Velcro sneakers if your child comes to school with tie laces. Uniform guidelines can be found here.

  • Standard size backpacks are needed in order to carry his/her lunchbox, folders, notices, towel, book and from school (mini backpacks and backpacks on wheels are not acceptable).

  • LABEL EVERYTHING! Please! Coats, hats, mittens, backpacks, lunchboxes, uniform sweatshirts. There are many duplicates, look-a-likes, and items lost yearly due to no names.

  • Extra set of clothes:  Spills and accidents happen daily!! It is required of each student to have an extra set of clothes, (socks, underwear, pants, T’s and sweatshirt) all of which must be navy blue. No logos are necessary, but NO pictures or words on the T’s.  All items should be placed in a gallon Ziploc bag with the child’s name and class written on the bag.

  • Snack and Lunch: Please be certain to pack a healthy snack and juice/water/milk for the morning. Lunch is scheduled at 11:30-12:00. PTO sells lunch daily for $6.00 per serving, or you can pack your own lunch in a lunch box. Please no GLASS containers.  White or chocolate milk can be purchased for the year.  Milk forms are in the summer packets given out in August and due on the first day of school. ‘Afterschool’ students also need a designated snack and juice/water (placed in a Ziploc bag) each day they attend the afterschool program. You can find out more about the PTO lunch schedule here.

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  • Rest Time: Each class will rest for a period of 30 or more minutes each day after recess, therefore, your child needs a STANDARD size BEACH TOWEL to lay down on. NO PILLOWS please. Clean towels come to school on Monday and Friday they are sent home to be laundered. A small stuffed animal (Beany baby size) or book may be sent with your child for rest time. 

  • Summer Packet:  Please watch for emails regarding the summer packets to be picked up at the main school office. These packets contain important forms which need to be filled out for the first day of school.

  • ECC NEWSLETTERS: A biweekly newsletter is shared highlighting many of the activities and lessons learned in each of the classes, (Early Learners, Preschool, and Pre-K). It may also contain VERY important notices or upcoming events for you to be aware of and plan for. PLEASE READ THEM.

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