Principal's Updates - 10/25/19

Dear St. Mary of the Hills Families: Once again we have been blessed with so many great learning experiences this week. Thanks to Ms. Haate Browne (mother of Nkemjika Obiora in KA) our Kindergartners through 3rd graders went to Lookout Farm in Natick. They got to experience a working apple orchard, visit with farm animals, and enjoyed a tractor ride through the property. The owners said that our students were so well behaved and polite and to please bring them back again! I'm not surprised since I know that we have the best students and families. As I visited classrooms this week I got to witness students collaborating on research projects, presenting to their classmates, performing acts of

Principal's Updates - 10/18/19

Dear Families, This week was filled with so many fall activities. Students have been practicing their writing skills, reciting fall poetry, estimating, collecting and investigating items in our outdoor space, creating art pieces, discussing, predicting, and being asked to think deep. I am in the process of observing the teachers and preparing feedback for them. Through this process I have seen students engaged in rigorous tasks, using precise language, creating products of high mastery, and asking and being asked questions probing for deeper understanding. The staff and I are committed to academic excellence and providing an environment that is supportive of all learners. Our expectations ar

Principal's Updates - 10/11/19

Dear Families, Thank you all for your support and kind words of encouragement. The teachers, staff, and I feel blessed to work every day with your wonderful children. You are partnering with us to help prepare them academically, socially, and spiritually and for that we are grateful. This week there have been many rigorous lessons for me to observe. As always the students are engaged, challenged, and able to learn from their mistakes in a safe learning environment. Thank you to Nathaniel in Grade 6 for holding a Kindness Challenge. He challenged the school community to list all of their acts of kindness over the last week. The winner will be announced at the end of the school day. The kindes

Principal's Updates - 10/4/19

Dear Families, We had an amazing week here at St Mary's. Teachers are working very hard to provide your child with the best possible education. I have been in every classroom this week and have seen lessons rich in rigor, students engaged, students collaborating together, and conferencing with their teachers on writing and reading assignments. On Wednesday night I attended the 1st PTO meeting. It was very well attended and those there have such enthusiasm. I am grateful to all of you who want to work along side me to make our school even better. Fundraising efforts of last year have allowed me to make improvements in the facility and I will continue to do more as the year progresses. I thank

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