Service Project Updates - 4/29/19

Thank you to everyone who came out to support and participate in the “Walk for Haiti”. It was a great morning spent with amazing people (students, parents, faculty, staff, and pets too). It was a great success!!!

Service Project Updates - 4/28/19

Thank you, Senator Walter Timilty and Deacon Kevin Martin, for coming out to walk with us during our annual "Walk for Haiti" today and for helping us live our mission of service.

Service Project Updates - 4/28/19

The rainy weather held off long enough for us to enjoy our "Walk for Haiti" today! Thank you, Mrs. Etienne, for organizing this awesome event for the 8th year in a row!!! Thank you to all of our volunteers at the water stops! Thank you to everyone who came out to support and participate in the “Walk for Haiti”. It was a great morning spent with amazing people (students, parents, faculty, staff, and pets too). It was a great day for a great cause. We are living our mission of service. It was a great success!!!

Principal's Updates - 4/26/19

Dear Families, We came back from Spring Break and hit the ground running! Monday we enjoyed many activities to celebrate Earth Day thanks to Ms. Veitz and the members of the Conservation Club! On Tuesday we celebrated World Book Day! Many staff members and students dressed up as their favorite literary characters, enjoyed many hands on learning experiences, Community members read to the students, school-wide DEAR time happened, and a collaboration between grades created a unique story . Many thanks to Mrs. Faherty (Mother Goose) for coordinating this very special day! On Wednesday our Middle School students participated in our annual Science Fair. I was so proud of all of their hard work and

Service Project Updates - 4/23/19

St. Mary of the Hills School's Conservation Club is the epitomy of service to our world! Thank you for helping us to preserve and protect our planet! Every little bit counts, and you are helping us all make better choices for future generations!!! Conservation Club wanted to put in a plug about a few simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet: 1) the makeup eraser!! Makes a GREAT gift and I bought mine over the summer. It literally takes off all makeup with JUST WATER! Handwash with detergent in the sink and it’s 100% clean. Stop buying wipes! This is so much better and I love it! 2) who gives a crap. It is a toilet paper company that makes tp f

Service Project Updates - 4/23/19

Second graders are living their mission of service. As part of the second graders’ Earth Day celebration, they made eco-friendly bird feeders and explored everyday ways to help the environment.

Service Project Updates - 4/22/19

We are living our mission of service. St. Mary’s students celebrated Earth Day with activities provided by the school’s conservation club! We planted seedlings, made bird feeders, and watched The Lorax. Conservation club donated money to help sea turtles, honey bees, narwhals, and polar bears! What is one thing you would be willing to do differently to help the Earth?

Service Project Updates

A neighbor of Mrs. Hughes, Isabella, heard about Mrs. Hulme's service project--collecting aluminum pull-tabs from beverage cans for Shriner's Hospital, and she decided to donate her tabs to help with this worthy cause. Thank you, Isabella, for helping us with our service project!!! You are making a difference!!!

Service Project Updates - 4/22/19

Three hard-working girls in fifth grade decided to run a mini-fundraiser making bracelets and donated all of the proceeds to A Long Walk to Water! Thank you to Destiny, Annabelle, and Leah!!! You're making a difference!!!

Principal's Update - 4/12/19

Dear Families, I don't know about you but waking up and hearing the birds singing and seeing the flowers sprouting feels so good. Spring has finally arrived! We had such a fun week of learning here at St. Mary of the Hills. Students have been working on their Science Fair projects, making Easter crafts, hunting for Easter eggs, winning writing contests, growing in their reading and math abilities, writing persuasive letters, practicing their cursive handwriting skills, and learning about their faith. Students in Grades 3-8 participated in the sacrament of reconciliation, Grade 3 reenacted the last Supper, and Grade 4 reenacted the Stations of the Cross. There have been many illnesses here at

Service Project Updates - 4/8/19

This year, our school is conducting an all-school read of “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park. It follows a young girl’s journey in 2009 as she walks eight hours a day in search of water so that she and her family can simply survive. The water she collects daily is muddy and bacteria-ridden, which leads to many diseases and even death. She must carry the water in a bucket on her head for miles. As the book unfolds, we begin to understand how much a simple water well in one village could positively transform the lives of thousands. Please help us reach our goal by making a generous donation so that we can restore a well in Sudan! Thank you!

Principal's Update - 4/5/19

Dear Families, Thank you for referring families to our amazing school. We have been touring, testing, and accepting many new students at most every grade level. There is no better investment than a Catholic education to build better citizens. Last night I attended the Catholic School's Foundation Gala. Over 4.5 Million dollars was raised for Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Boston. Six of our students were there to greet the 800 attendees. They were Braeden O'Brien, Zoe, Sienna, and Dylan Michuki, and Joshua and Leah Medicke. I was so proud of how well these young ambassadors greeted the guests and represented our school community! There are so many enriching events coming next week

Service Project Updates - 4/5/19

One of our very generous teachers donated $100 worth of brand new recess toys (jump ropes, dodge balls, chalk, Chinese jump rope, etc.) for our students to play with during recess!!!

Service Project Updates - 4/2/19

Update: Mrs. Hulme's PreK1 class is still collecting aluminum pull-tabs from beverage cans for Shriners Hospital. Aluminum has recycling value and the tab is the only pure aluminum part of the can. The tabs are sold to a recycling company and the money collected is used to fund transportation for needy children to and from Shriners Hospitals. The can itself can be returned for the deposit (in states that have can and bottle deposit laws) after the tab has been removed. It not only helps the Shriners, but it helps our environment by recycling in a responsible way. Please help us help Shriners Hospitals by collecting pull-tabs in a plastic bag or container and send them into school with your c

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