Service Project Updates - 10/31/18

Our awesome principal, Mrs. Julie Marotta, shared a great quote with us this morning, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Service Project Updates - 10/30/18

The students at St. Mary of the Hills School have been working hard on story elements in literature class. To reinforce the elements learned, the literacy coach read the students in grades two through five the book, Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. This heartwarming story explains how Patricia’s grandmother helped her overcome her fear of thunder by gathering ingredients and baking a “thunder cake” during a thunder and lightning storm. The students loved the story and could use the concepts in the story to practice story elements together as a class. The teachers then passed out the recipe for “thunder cake” to the students to try at home. Over the weekend five teachers baked “thunder cakes

Service Project Updates - 10/26/18

To All Our School Families: Here at St. Mary of the Hills School, we pride ourselves on community outreach and service. We are reaching out to our families to get involved in our Parish Food Drive. Would you be so kind as to donate toward this much-needed drive? The Confirmation students will be delivering the food to the pantry on Sunday, Nov. 4th, therefore the deadline to drop off your donation is Friday, November 2nd. All canned and non-perishable foods are welcome as donations. The pantry is in special need of tuna and peanut butter. You may leave your donations in a bag on our stage in the main hall. Thank you in advance for all your support for those in need. Julie Marotta, Principal

Principal's Update - 10/26/18

Dear Families, What a wonderful week! We entered a drawing and writing contest sponsored by the Catholic Schools Office. Students in Grade 1 were asked to draw a picture of themselves showing Jesus as their friend. Grade 2 and 3 students had to either draw a picture or write an essay about what happens when they talk to Jesus. The students in Grades 4 through 8 wrote essays about what they would do if they could spend one day with Jesus. I was overwhelmed with emotion of the student's responses. They were very powerful and shows me that the religious formation of your children is stronger than ever at St Mary of the Hills. I was very proud to hand deliver them this morning to the Superintend

Service Project Updates - 10/19/19

Alyssa, a sixth-grade student, found $5 in front of the school, and she reported it to the principal so that she could find the person who lost it. The principal made an announcement about the lost money, but nobody came forward to claim it so the Principal told Alyssa that she could keep it. Instead of keeping it, Alyssa decided that she was going to donate into her classroom gallon water bottle. The students are bringing in loose change to fill gallon water bottles in their classrooms, and this money is being raised to restore a well in South Sudan. We have thoughtful students who really want to make a difference and are living our theme of Service!

Principal's Update - 10/19/18

Dear Families, This week I was able to sit in on classes where students were investigating the process of osmosis through cell membranes, painting pumpkins, writing essays about spending a day with Jesus, reading, solving problems, discussing what made Langston Hughes such a renowned author, estimating the weight of pumpkins, learning about economics, singing, presenting, and learning about the world around them. Today during our monthly faculty meeting the teachers and I met with Dr. Andrew Miller, the Director of Academics at the Catholic Schools Office. He was very impressed with our rigorous curriculum and attention to teaching your children using the Massachusetts Common Core and State

Service Project Updates - 10/16/18

Thank you to all who have already submitted Box Tops! There is still plenty of time to get Box Tops in for our first submission deadline! Every Box Top counts towards our goal so send in any you may have by Monday, October 22nd. Just a reminder to please check all Box Tops for expiration dates. We do not get credit for expired Box Tops.

Service Project Updates - 10/12/18

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Students in Grade 6 have asked that on Friday, October 12 everyone can dress in pink and donate a $1 to help support the research on this terrible disease. A big thank you to our 6th grade students Savannah, Tyalise, and Isabella for organizing this fundraising event.

Principal's Update - 10/12/18

Dear Families, I hope that you are all enjoying the frequent social media posts showing all the great work happening here at St Mary of the Hills. Mrs. Hughes is doing a wonderful job working with the teachers and staff to capture and highlight all the innovative and rich learning that is happening here. This week I was able to sit in on classes where students were investigating the process of why leaves change their color, students were constructing strong bridges out of toothpicks and marshmallows, PEMDAS was being tested and proved, students were creating their own maps showing all the land forms that they have been studying, fall pictures and haunted houses were created, and articles abo

Service Project Updates - 10/10/18

By: Mary Sue Faherty, Literacy Coach, St. Mary of the Hills School This year, St. Mary of the Hills School is conducting an all school read of, “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park. This amazing true story shows the struggle of a young man growing up in a war-torn South Sudan in the late 1980’s. It also follows a young girl’s journey in 2009 as she walks eight hours a day in search of water so that she and her family can survive. The water she collects every day is muddy and bacteria ridden, which leads to many diseases and even death. As the book unfolds, we begin to understand how a simple water well in one village could positively transform the lives of thousands. Unfortunately, South

Principal's Update - 10/5/18

Dear Families, It is hard to believe that we are in the month of October. Everyone has really settled nicely into their new routines. With the chilly mornings students will be wearing jackets and sweaters to school. They often take them off when playing outside. Please label all coats, sweaters, and hats. Believe it or not the lost and found pile is growing and items are not labeled. If your child is missing something please come check the pile. This week I was able to sit in on classes where scientific investigations were happening, 1st Friday letters were being written, songs were sung, fall pictures were painted, math problems were being solved, Saint research papers were presented, and m

Service Project Updates - 10/04/18

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, Mrs. Etienne and Mrs. Vasta took six fifth graders to participate in Mission Day sponsored by the Holy Childhood Association. This was a wonderful day where the students along with children from many, many schools in the Archdiocese of Boston learned about World Mission Day. They were commissioned as missionaries for children throughout the world. They learned of the devastation in Sri Lanka and life in India by two Missionaries. They participated in Mass and the highlight of the day was their liturgical dance to end the prayer service. Special thanks to Mrs. Marotta for taking time out of her busy day to come and participate. Also, a special shout-out to Peter

Service Project Updates - 10/04/18

Mrs. O’Brien (mother of Braeden) was the “guest speaker” in grade four on Thursday. The students and teachers were treated to a special presentation and slide show explaining how Catholic Relief Services are instrumental in helping people all over the world by providing food, shelter, and educational opportunities to improve their quality of life. Mrs. O’Brien spoke specifically about the importance of clean water and how it affects the living conditions of these people each day. Her presentation tied in nicely to our efforts here at St. Mary of the Hills School community to “Put Two Feet of Love in Action” by raising money to help restore and repair wells in Sudan.

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