Why Choose St. Mary of the Hills School?

“….I found honesty, mindfulness, openness, a willingness to rethink, and rework curriculum to suit students’ needs at St. Mary of the Hills. I found a willingness to engage, rather than simply entertain families…” Sonndarie Barker P’22

All children learn differently. We adapt to individual personalities and learning behaviors ensuring students receive the one-on-one and personalized guidance they deserve. We connect and collaborate with parents so that together we can calibrate a child’s learning experience. We strive to make every child feel accepted, whether he or she laughs loudly or smiles shyly, excels in the classroom, or needs extra help from time to time. We provide the support and resources that will develop and maximize a child’s God-given potential both inside and outside the classroom.

From classroom technology, new thinking in curriculum design, the implementation of a Spanish Language program beginning in our Pre-Kindergarten classes and continuing through 8th grade our leadership evaluates, pilots, and implements innovation in learning and teaching. Students benefit from local and global best educational practices. Our teachers participate in professional development opportunities and have a passion for education that they impart on their students fostering a life-long love of learning that nurtures a child’s imagination, curiosity, and confidence. Enrichment opportunities include academic enrichment, athletics, leadership development, visual and performing arts, social justice, and volunteerism. These activities align with St. Mary’s Mission and Vision and provide students opportunities for growth and self-awareness outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Our innovative Middle School program cultivates a child’s blooming self–confidence and emergent capacity to think for themselves. Students begin to develop a wider view of the world around them. They are becoming keenly aware of peer pressure and social media influences, these adolescents are changing and developing and discovering who they are. Our single-sex 6th-grade classroom initiative has shown that test scores in math and science improve for girls and boys have measured gains in language arts and writing. 8th-grade students graduating from St. Mary’s attend some of the most prestigious Catholic, Exam, and Independent schools in Massachusetts. They are also awarded merit scholarships by these schools based on their academic success at St. Mary’s. Our amazing students come to school every day from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities, making for a vibrant multi-cultural classroom. They discover that intelligence, laughter, and friendship are colorblind, forever empowering St. Mary’s students to see their world – and all the people in it- differently. Through a foundation rooted in faith, we develop young men and women of strong moral character. St. Mary’s students are peer leaders and changemakers in their communities, understanding the importance of acceptance and tolerance in making social changes to the benefit of the world they live in.