Here at St. Mary of the Hills School...

We Innovate. From classroom technology to new thinking in curriculum design, our leadership evaluates, pilots and implements innovations in learning and teaching so that our students can benefit from local and global best practices in Education.

We Adapt. We adapt to the individual personalities and learning behaviors of each student to ensure every boy and girl receives the one-on-one attention and personalized guidance they sometimes need and so profoundly deserve.

We Collaborate. We collaborate with our school parents so that together we can calibrate a child’s learning experiences week to week and grade to grade, ultimately maximizing his or her God-given potential both inside and outside the classroom.

Learn How to Think. Whereas some schools prioritize rote memorization, standardized testing, or language immersion, St. Mary’s advanced curriculum and diverse extracurricular activities specially nurture your child’s ability to think creatively. Here, students apply their new knowledge to see and solve problems in different ways, ultimately leading to young men and women who know how to think, not just what to think.

Love Learning. Their young mind opened wide by the endless possibilities of new knowledge, St. Mary's inspires your child to love learning. This newfound love kindles imaginations and fuels curiosity. Our students want to learn more.

Believe in Yourself. Working hard to meet the high expectations of teachers who see potential as just a starting point; thriving in classes that are a grade level ahead of their peers at other schools; and excelling in local and state competitions for Writing, Science or activities like Odyssey of the Mind, your son or daughter develops a self-confidence at St. Mary’s – a belief in oneself – that endures long after they’ve left Brook Road.