School Theme - STEWARDSHIP!

Our School Theme for 2022-2023 school year is STEWARDSHIP!

What is Stewardship?
Stewardship is a way of life. It is a way of living each day in gratitude for all the blessings that God has given to us. The roots of stewardship can be found in the Bible, which tells us over and over that God is the Creator and Giver of all gifts. It is our responsibility to show our gratitude to God for these gifts, by giving back to Him the “first fruits.”

We do not own the gifts God gives to us. We are only here on earth to use those gifts to do God’s work.

Sharing our gifts and returning them to God means giving generously of our Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Our theme “Stewardship” will help teach our students how to be good stewards of all the gifts God has given them. This is done in an age-appropriate way through a different category of service for each grade level. Students will be involved in different projects throughout the year. In addition, speakers from various organizations will come out and give a presentation to the class so they further understand who they will be helping. This is called the Step-By-Step Stewardship Program

Stewardship Focus: Students will learn about a different need in the community each year.

Preschool: Introduction to Stewardship
Kindergarten: Needy
1st Grade: Animals
2nd Grade: Senior Citizens
3rd Grade: Hunger
4th Grade: Military Veterans
5th Grade: People with Disabilities
6th Grade: Environment
7th Grade: Respect Life
8th Grade: Living a Life of Stewardship

Stewardship of Prayer, Service, and Sacrificial Giving: Students focus their efforts on all aspects of stewardship.

Prayer: Students can pray for the people they are serving and the agencies they are working with.  They can even develop their own class stewardship prayer that they pray during religion class and before serving others.

Service: students do outreach and service projects that revolve around their Stewardship Focus.

Projects are planned to involve hands-on activities with those that they are serving. Emphasis is on meaningful, age-appropriate projects that help students understand their stewardship focus. The goal is for the students to learn about investing themselves in others.

Sacrificial Giving: Students can share their treasure with others by contributing a portion of their allowance or monetary gifts to help those they serve, as well as donations of books, toys, or clothing.