St. Mary of the Hills School is a culturally diverse Preschool through Grade 8 Catholic School inspired by our love of Christ.  We educate over 250 students, both Catholic and non-Catholic from over 25 cities and towns in Massachusetts.  By valuing innovation in education, our programs promote spiritual growth, personal academic excellence and social development in a safe and nurturing environment.  We believe that being part of this community strengthens all of us in meeting the challenges of our lives – as scholars, citizens, family members and as active bearers of Christ’s compassion to the wider world.

From Early Childhood through Eighth grade we encourage each child to recognize his or her full, unique potential.  As their mastery of core academic skills grows, our students become capable, disciplined passionate seekers of knowledge and truth. St. Mary of the Hills offers age appropriate enrichment, volunteerism and leadership opportunities in addition to classroom instruction. These programs reinforce our school’s values and mission and foster our students’ self esteem, self confidence, faith, compassion, and an understanding of the world around them.

“St. Mary of the Hills School is literally, a breath of fresh air for me. I made the decision to take my daughter out of public school and allow her the gift of time for her middle school years. I needed a place where I felt she would be safer socially, and where she would be afforded the individualized attention that she needed to grow academically. When I began my search, I knew a few families from St. Mary of the Hills who had success stories to share, but what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Honestly, I took a gamble, and you could say, I hit the lottery. Every school has its strengths and challenges. What I love about St. Mary of the Hills is that they are grounded in the morals and virtues that seem to be becoming vintage. I found honesty, mindfulness, openness, a willingness to rethink and rework curriculum to suit students’ needs at St. Mary of the Hills. I found a willingness to engage, rather than simply entertain families. My daughter enjoys her days at school. They haven’t all been blissful, but she’s growing, maturing, building relationships, and feeding off the positivity of her teachers. Most importantly, she’s happy and that’s 90% of the battle in my opinion.”

-Soondarie Barker P’22

New Principal

St. Mary of the Hills School Radio Spot