6th Grade Curriculum

Mrs. Ieronimo & Mrs. Clark

Sixth grade is fabulous!  Sixth grade has a strong and challenging program to meet the needs of its students with a solid curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards.  Teachers strive to provide stimulating, challenging lessons while making the necessary adjustments to give each child an opportunity to learn and be productive.

Math - In sixth grade, students review many of the concepts covered throughout fifth grade. However, they also learn new math topics, such as rational numbers, integers, ratios, percentages, and interest rates.

Spanish - Spanish classes for students in Grade 6 meet four times per week.  They learn vocabulary culture and grammar that will be expanded upon in Grades 7 & 8.

Social Studies - In sixth grade Social Studies the students switch gears to learn about World Geography and ancient civilizations. The students really enjoy learning about the ancient Greeks and Romans and have a chance to do some role-playing during the year. Good study skills and methods continue to be stressed. By having the students in both fifth and sixth grade we are really able to hit the ground running and dive right into an exciting sixth-grade curriculum!

Science - In sixth grade, students focus on the main structures and functions of our planet. The students then delve into the atmosphere, into outer space, and beyond! Students then cover the basics of physical and biological sciences. Students use higher order thinking skills to apply scientific concepts to their real lives.  In the spring, students in focus on a long term independent project in preparation for the Middle School Science Fair, which encourages them to think critically, perform research, and present their findings.  Field trips and guest speakers enhance the learning in the classroom. Students are required to do research projects and presentations. 

Language Arts - Students learn Grammar skills and apply this knowledge to write with clear focus, coherent organization, and sufficient detail. The writing process is developed through daily practice of the John Collins Writing Program. Students learn to write different styles of writing as well as different forms of poetry. In grade 6, the poetry study culminates with a "Poetry Jam." Parents are invited to come and listen to the students recite a favorite created poem.  Different genres of literature are introduced through various novels and the new Fountas and Pinnell reading program. Students are encouraged to enjoy reading and writing in a unique way.

Literature and Spelling - In sixth grade Literature class students will study the elements of a story. Special emphasis will be given to character traits, themes and story plots through the Fountas and Pinnell reading program.  Students will learn about and study various genres and will use a mixture of short stories, class novels and reading comprehension exercises. We hope to continue to foster a love of reading in the students! In Spelling students will complete units of spelling words in the Vocabulary Workshop spelling program.

Religion - The sixth grade curriculum is presented in a manner appealing to junior high students without compromising the integrity of the Scripture and teachings of the Catholic Church.  It reflects the love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and centers on the person of Jesus Christ, our Savior in a climate of prayer and nurtures a faith that is expressed in prayer.  Emphasis this year will be on the awareness of mission and action in the world today and invites the students to reflect on personal experience in light of growing in relationship with God.  In the fall of 2016, the Archdiocese of Boston released detailed Faith Formation Standards for use in all Archdiocesan schools. St. Mary of the Hills is currently using these standards to evaluate the content and objectives of our current Religion curriculum to ensure alignment with these standards for Grade 6 through 8.  See the curriculum page of our website for the Faith Formation Standards.