5th Grade Curriculum

Mrs. Blaho

Fifth grade is fabulous!  Fifth grade has a strong and challenging program to meet the needs of its students with a solid curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards.  Teachers strive to provide stimulating, challenging lessons while making the necessary adjustments to give each child an opportunity to learn and be productive.

Math - In fifth grade, students learn a variety of mathematical skills that are the foundation for higher level math. Students build on their understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. A large part of math in fifth grade is fractions. Students are able to visualize fractions. They also learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Students develop an understanding of customary and metric units of measure through hands-on learning. Fifth graders are also exposed to graphing and interpreting data as well as basic geometry concepts, such as area, perimeter, and circumference.  Students in fifth enjoy using our Chrome Book laptops in the classroom for Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a great online resource for many mathematical topics. In class, students can watch videos that demonstrate and explain the problem step-by-step. Khan Academy also includes exercises where students can practice the topic they are working on. Students can access Khan Academy at home, where they can use it as extra practice.

Spanish - The Foreign Language offered at St. Mary of the Hills is Spanish.  Spanish meets twice a week for Kindergarten through Grade 5.  Students are introduced to basic vocabulary in Spanish using games, songs, and hands-on activities.

Social Studies - In fifth grade, Social Studies the students focus on the early years of the United States history including such exciting topics as the Revolutionary War, and the drafting of the Constitution among many others. We encourage the students to take responsibility for their learning, and stress good organizational skills and note taking methods that will serve them well throughout the years of their education. The students complete several hands-on projects throughout the year, have debate style activities, as well as other engaging projects and lessons.

Science - In Fifth Grade Science along with the use of the textbooks, computers and other literature, the students will learn through their senses. Research supports that children gain knowledge and make sense through active involvement with the world around them. Students will be given the opportunity to:

·       Do hands on experiments

·       Be introduced and be familiar with the Scientific Method; they will work independently, whole group and in collaboration to formulate ideas on projects.

·       Be encouraged to think and respond using scientific terminology

At the end of this year students will:

·       Develop good study habits

·       Work effectively with classmates

·       Develop a love for inquiry

·       Communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly

·       Feel interested in the world around them

Language Arts - Students learn Grammar skills and apply this knowledge to write with clear focus, coherent organization, and sufficient detail. The writing process is developed through daily practice of the John Collins Writing Program. Students learn to write different styles of writing as well as different forms of poetry.  Different genres of literature are introduced through various novels and the new Fountas and Pinnell reading program. Students are encouraged to enjoy reading and writing in a unique way.  The students in Grade 5 LA continue to develop their skills in Grammar which they apply to their writing.  They also learn more about the various kinds of writing and use this knowledge as they write multi-paragraph essays.  Students also submit essays into writing contests such as the Boston Duck Tour and the Lincoln Essay.

Literature and Spelling - In fifth grade Literature class students will study the elements of a story. Special emphasis will be given to character traits, themes and story plots through the Fountas and Pinnell reading program.  Students will learn about and study various genres and will use a mixture of short stories, class novels and reading comprehension exercises. We hope to continue to foster a love of reading in the students! In Spelling students will complete units of spelling words in the Vocabulary Workshop spelling program.

Religion - In Religion the students will increase their love for God and learn to serve not only themselves but others. Through text, bible readings and conversations, each student will be empowered to be meaningful contributors in society, regardless of his/her ability and religious belief. I intend to motivate and encourage him/her to be and give his/her best socially, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.  In the fall of 2016, the Archdiocese of Boston released detailed Faith Formation Standards for use in all Archdiocesan schools. St. Mary of the Hills is currently using these standards to evaluate the content and objectives of our current Religion curriculum to ensure alignment with these standards for Grade 5.  See the curriculum page of our website for the Faith Formation Standards.