4th Presidential Fitness Challenge

Partial Sit-Ups

Objective:  To measure abdominal strength/endurance by maximum number of curl-ups.

Testing:  Have student lie on cushioned, clean surface with knees flexed and feet about 12 inches from buttocks. The feet are not held or anchored. Arms are extended forward with fingers resting on the legs and pointing toward the knees. The student’s partner kneels behind with hands cupped under the student’s head. The student being tested curls up, slowly sliding the fingers up the legs until the fingertips touch the knees, then back down until the head touches the partner’s hands. The curl-ups are done to a metronome (or audio tape, clapping, drums) with one complete curl-up every three seconds, and are continued until the student can do no more at the required pace. The student should remain in motion during the entire three second interval.

Scoring:  Record only those curl-ups done with proper form and in rhythm.

Partial Sit-Ups Demonstration